Chief Executive

Parumita is a corporate lawyer turned Travel Entrepreneur. She fell madly in love with Travel and decided to go all in. She took some time to understand the pain points in the travel industry and that is how Raw Diaries came into existence. She is the beauty and brains behind Raw Diaries. She is dependable, quirky, and laughs at her own jokes – a true social butterfly.At Raw Diaries, she is our very own
“Miss 360”


Head Of Strategy

Karthik is an e-commerce strategist and a perfect combination of planning and procrastination yet surprisingly brings projects into fruition. He believes in capturing the moment with his eyes than a camera. He is also a bit of a smooth talker with unmatched charm and witty comebacks. At Raw Diaries, he is the
“Man behind the scenes”.


Head of Finance

Raghav is the stereotypical over planning vacationer who recently discovered travel is more therapeutic than stressful when a perfect travel plan went down south. He is an automation engineer by the books and has the perks of travelling for work to different countries exploring and exposing his inner traveller. At Raw Diaries, he is the
“Man with a plan”.


Head of Content

Deeksha is a finance professional with an innate calling for a wholesome unplanned vacations. Her ability to consolidate life narratives into compelling conversations while stargazing makes her an ideal travel-bud. Her love for music, poetries and small simplicities of life equips her with creating true to life and original content. At Raw Diaries, she is the
“Perfect vibe-check”.


Head Of Design

Vivek is a graphic designer for the kitchen and a shayar – for the inner soul. His intimate affair with his pen makes the writer in him, whole. Although occupied with work on weekdays, the weekend explorer in him give us major travel goals. At Raw Diaries, he is our very own
“ Logophile with a magical designing wand”.

Pranjal Sumer​

Creative and Outreach Associate

Pranjal is a rare concoction of work and wanderlust. In the past 4 years of travel he’s been a recurrent staycationer cross India garnering real life experiences, and understanding local culture and organic agriculture. He has mastered the subtle art of balancing “living the moment” and “capturing moments”. At Raw Diaries, he is the
“Shutterbug, Virtuso and a spinner of yarns”.