When you start living for sunsets, that’s when you really start living

Life is a movie but we got to keep the script real

की खो के खुद को खुद को पाना, बाकी है बहुतों का

Welcome to Raw Diaries

Once upon a time, we were just a work-fueled ‘9 to 5′, ’10-10’ corpoRAWts, running in the race of life, but now? Now – we are ‘full-time entrepreneurs’. Being serial travelers ourselves, we understand the nitties-gritties of travel whether as a tourist or as a backpacker. Having explored more than 100 Cities, 29 States and 7 Countries has enabled us to understand the issues and conundrums that every traveler face while traveling with respect to itineraries, travel equipments, stay options, and all the ancillary issues. Good News? – We are working towards making ‘Raw Diaries’ a one-stop solution for all your travel needs. Having said that, please check out the SERVICES offered by us here.

Raw Diaries is a brainchild of our co-founder Parumita. How, Where, What, When is a conversation that will take a while. She pitched this idea to the core members of Raw Diaries and the rest is a ‘history in the making’.

About The Team

Founder and CEO
Raw Diaries

Paro is a corporate lawyer turned travel entrepreneur. She is the beauty and brains behind “Raw Diaries”. Her content ideas and editing vision separates us from the rest. She is dependable, quirky, and laughs at her own jokes – a true social butterfly.

At raw diaries she is our very own “Miss 360

Head of Content
Raw Diaries

Deeksha is a finance professional with an innate calling for a wholesome unplanned vacation. Her abilities to consolidate life narratives into a compelling conversation while stargazing makes her an ideal travel bud.Her love for music, poetries and small simplicities of life equips her with creating true to life and original content.At Raw Diaries, she is the “perfect vibe-check

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