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Welcome to Raw Diaries

Namaste, Welcome to the Tribe!

A brief while ago, we at Raw Diaries were a work-fueled ‘9 to 5’, ’10-10’ corpoRAWts enduring the corporate way of life. After bracing through societal judgment, a lot of contemplation, and an undying passion for everything, we believed in the crazy dream of making Raw Diaries a “One-stop-shop” for anything and everything travel.

In this pursuit, we have explored more than 70 cities and 21 States in India, and lived in 4 countries and built a strong community of like-minded, adventure embracing travellers like you.

This journey has opened our eyes in identifying the tight-spots that fellow travellers face, from planning their itinerary to little hacks that can save some dough and time.

So here we are, presenting to you – The Best Curated Experiential Trips & Comfy yet Trendy Travel Merchandise. More good stuff to make your travel life easy – “COMING SOON”

Raw Diaries is a brainchild of Paro – conversation on How, When and Where – could take a while. After she shared her undying zeal for this idea with the team at Raw Diaries, rest is ‘history in the making’.

Know the amazing team behind Raw Diaries here.

We would love for you to be part of our journey – Come join us on our adventure!!

Raw Diaries
Raw Diaries

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Voice of Raw Travellers!

From Day 1 to hardly knowing anyone to this day with taking back more friends to keep in touch with. What an awesome trip and experience. Paro you are awesome and you work really hard, it is a treat to be able to travel and be inspired from you. Pranjal - you are my favourite of the trip 🍀

Sanskriti Ramtek

Corporate Trainer

Speaking of the Itinerary, it was very well thought of and I am pretty sure that lot of efforts had gone into creating the same. The host took all the efforts to keep the travellers comfortable while enjoying through the course of the trip. Naturally it was very well curated trip with covered various rich aspects of the place in a short period of time.

Shabareesh Alva

Senior Project Manager

Honestly this was one of my best weekends in a very long time. I have seen Raw diaries grow and I’m so proud of whatever they are doing. The fact that these trips are hosted for people to realise what they are missing in life and not for their own benefits is such a wonderful thing to do in today’s generation! To more Raw experiences and To more memories. Thank you Raw diaries for existing ❤️



My first solo trip and I being an introvert was sceptical if I will be able to enjoy it or not. I booked this trusting Paro's vibes and I loved this trip. I couldn't have imagined in my life that I will enjoy this trip so much and strangers will become close friends. The crowd was the best, no one judged anyone and we just lived in the moment. The trip was so amazing that it couldn't have been possible if Paro& Pranjal weren't there. The Itinerary, the place, the vibes everything was phenomenal. No matter what this trip will always be the best memory I ever had. Even Paro knows how special it was for me.

Varneet Singh

Journalism Student

The trip was honestly an extremely well built package with all types of experiences I was expecting from a trip from RAW diaries. The itinerary was well thought and the experiences always exceeded my expectations. The food and stay was fantastic throughout the trip, catering to all types of travellers. Really bang for the buck. And the best part were the people. People met as strangers and left as lifetime friends on this trip and I feel it’s mostly because of the hosts who did an amazing work on planning fun activities and make everyone feel so comfortable and special.

Debayan Pal

Product Manager

The itinerary was curated well so that some offbeat and beautiful places could be experienced. Some group time additions like pool party, group sessions really got people together and helped us enjoy as a group. Looking forward to more such trip! ❤️

Anjali Jadhav


Itinerary covered the best possible destinations, host and trip leader were always on their toes to take care of everything and everyone. Stays were perfect!!

Sargam Bhaskar


I initially had concerns that the trip might be affected by the heavy rains in the forecast, and I had prepared myself for potential disruptions. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how the host and the entire team not only maintained our spirits but also managed the situation exceptionally well. In the end, the heavy rains didn't spoil the trip; instead, they added an unexpected layer of adventure and learning, thanks to the host and the dedicated team. It's a testament to their commitment to providing an unforgettable experience, rain or shine.

Rainer Rego

Product Manager

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