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A brief while ago, we at Raw Diaries were a work-fueled ‘9 to 5’, ’10-10’ corpoRAWts enduring the corporate way of life. After bracing through societal judgment, a lot of contemplation, and an undying passion for everything, we believed in the crazy dream of making Raw Diaries a “One-stop-shop” for anything and everything travel.

In this pursuit, we have explored more than 70 cities and 21 States in India, and lived in 4 countries and built a strong community of like-minded, adventure embracing travellers like you. This journey has opened our eyes in identifying the tight-spots that

fellow travellers face, from planning their itinerary to little hacks that can save some dough and time. So here we are, presenting to you – The Best Curated Experiential Trips & Comfy yet Trendy Travel Merchandise. More good stuff to make your travel life easy – “COMING SOON”

Raw Diaries is a brainchild of Paro – conversation on How, When and Where – could take a while. After she shared her undying zeal for this idea with the team at Raw Diaries, rest is ‘history in the making’.

Know the amazing team behind Raw Diaries here.

We would love for you to be part of our journey – Come join us on our adventure!!

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